Why You Should Buy Insurance For Costly Power Tools Such As Contractor Table Saw

When a circular saw or a regular table saw seems to compromise the performance, a contractor saw comes into play. DIYers or professionals use the contractor saw to craft wood in a more powerful and controlled manner.

The high-end feature of this saw makes it expensive and hence going for insurance is the preferred way for most woodworkers. The insurance covers your tools against theft and damage, so you can claim your insurance provider for retaining the cost.

What is a Contractor Saw

SawStop 1.75 HP Contractor Saw
SawStop 1.75 HP Contractor Saw

A contractor saw can be portable that can either be carried or it can be static. A true contractor saw tends to be of a static type that features belt drive and large outboard induction motors. These day professional contractor saws are more powerful and hence they weight more such as 200 to 300 pounds.

The typical contractor saws include a solid cast iron tabletop and extension wings. The assembly of trunnions, gearing and arbor are included too. Using the saw derives more precise results as compared to usual table saws. 

The quality of the contractor saw blade also determines the outcome, however. A premium blade cuts more exactly at different speeds as per the project. Before Buying a contractor saw you should read reviews from Sawadvisor.com. They come with solid cast iron extension wings work to improve the overall stability against vibration that is noticeable during operation. Those who want to experience a handier version of contractor saws prefer the portable versions that do not include an outboard motor.

These portable contractor saws are powerful plus movable so they can be managed pretty well by professionals as well as hobbyists. In both cases, the contractor saws are a significant investment that needs to be protected. This way you can cover your most expensive tools and contractor saw for example regardless of their location or where you keep them.

Someone who expects more power should refer to a contractor saw that comes with multiple belts for extra torque. Generally, to handle a large chunk of woods, 50 inches of ripping space is perfect; also, put attention to the type of fence for efficient cuts. Riving knife and dust collector are two features that are worth having. The former one keeps you against kickback and the latter ensures a clean workspace.

Why you should Insure your Contractor Saw

The best way to cover your tools against theft and damage is via insurance. However, there are different types of coverages that you should consider before finalizing one. When you use the contractor saw or the joinery tools for personal use, you can use the homeowner’s or renters’ insurance. This kind of insurance works for tools that are under $1000.

Insure your Contractor Saw

Tools that are costlier than $1000 would need additional insurance. Reading the insurance terms and policies before signing up the agreement is recommended in order to make the right decision. The policy that covers more expensive tools is known as scheduled property insurance that would work along with your renter’s insurance to cover the extra cost.

In case you are using the contractor saw for business purposes, insurance policies like contractors equipment would be your option. It is advised that you determine the type of usage and compare different insurance options.

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